Thanks Eric @andersun for the request. You asked for this ages ago, and I took my time thinking about this. And I altered how I answered from how you probably expected me to.
  1. Reading:
  2. 1) It is not about fighting.
    Yes, Fight is in the title, but it's not really about fighting. There is some descriptions of fighting, but it really isn't that graphic.
  3. 2) IKEA references.
    The Narrator talks quite a bit about IKEA and what it means in our lives. Consumerism is not the solution.
  4. 3) It makes you think.
    The reasons they start Fight Club is thought provoking. The articles in Reader's Digest make you think. The reasons behind Project Mayhem are thought provoking.
  5. 4) It makes you think.
    Who is The Narrator? Who is Tyler Durden? What is real and what is imagined? Is anything real? Also, avoid the clam chowder.
  6. 5) It takes you out of your comfort zone.
    This is an oddly written book about strange characters doing very unusual things. Embrace it.
  7. Watching:
  8. 1) It's not about fighting.
    Although there is more fighting in the movie than in the book, it really works and still isn't about fighting.
  9. 2) Starbucks.
    There is some reference to Starbucks in every scene, every shot. It may be a cup in a trash can down the block, but it's there. It's fun to watch for them.
  10. 3) Brad Pitt and Edward Norton smashing a Volkswagen Beatle.
    The actors didn't like the New Beatle, so they asked to have one in that scene to hit with baseball bats.
  11. 4) Brad Pitt laughing.
    There is a scene where Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are on either side of a glass door, and Brad Pitt laughs. That scene alone is worth watching the movie for.
  12. 5) The line Marla Singer says during a night of "passion" with Tyler.
    The censors made director David Fincher change a particular line from how it was in the book, and what he changed it to was ten times more offensive and it makes me laugh every time.
  13. Bonus, which order I recommend you do them:
  14. 1) Read the book.
  15. 2) Watch the movie.
  16. 3) Read the book again.
  17. Static
  18. Bonus #2. There is Fight Club 2 out now, in serial graphic novel style. The first 9 volumes are out, and there's one more to go.
    In my opinion it's not as good as the original, but it's pretty good. It's written by Chuck Palahniuk and illustrated by Cameron Stewart.
  19. Bonus #3. @brittmaag drew this upon my request.
    Here's her original list. If you're not following Britt, I highly recommend her. She's very talented.