1. Detectorists.
  2. This show was created by, written and produced by, and stars McKenzie Crook.
  3. You probably know McKenzie as the pirate with the wooden eye, from The Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise.
  4. But he also played Garreth Keenan on the British version of a The Office. He was brilliant!
    This character became Dwight in the American version.
  5. Detectorists also stars Toby Jones.
  6. You probably best know Tony Jones from he work voicing the character Dobby in the Harry Potter movies.
  7. This show is about two odd best friends who are hobbyist metal Detectorists. They go metal detecting for fun. It's not a glamorous hobby.
  8. The humor is dry and subtle and brilliant. Great writing, amazing acting, wonderful humor.
  9. Sadly there are only two seasons, and each is six episodes, plus one Christmas Special. I cried at the end.
  10. I don't have Netflix, but I understand that it's on that.
  11. I highly recommend this show.
  12. I'm so sad this show is over and I've seen it all. I cannot sing this show's praises enough. Watch it!
  13. Static