A Fun Story Told In Really Bad Sketches

  1. Some of you may remember that I work in Special Ed. One day a 13 year old boy (blue in the pictures below) was angry at a teacher (pink, below) and I (green below) was in between them, but off to the side, which you can't tell in the pictures.
  2. The kid. Please note the double bird.
  3. Teacher.
    The dry erase markers we've been using since September are starting to not be too great.
  4. Me, before my haircut.
  5. He's expressing his displeasure verbally now.
  6. He's now moved on to showing us how he feels physically.
  7. Huh. This doesn't look promising.
  8. Whoosh! I dread this kind of situation.
  9. You can't tell from this 2D drawing, but this isn't aimed at me. It's aimed at the teacher in pink. I'm off to the side a bit.
  10. It's a good throw, heading straight at the teacher.
  11. Aha!
  12. I caught that chair mid flight, by a leg, as it was flying towards the teacher.
    I felt like I'd grabbed an arrow out of the air as it was heading towards a bullseye.
  13. She later said "You saved my life." This is an exaggeration. At most I saved her from a bruise or two.
  14. The boy wasn't happy for my quick athletic ability.
  15. At the moment this was a very intense situation, but that was well over a year ago and we laugh about it now.
  16. Additional thoughts. This type of behavior was pretty typical of him. In two years he probably threw 20 chairs, a baseball bat, various staplers, books, and tape dispensers, and regularly threatened to "come back tomorrow with a machete (or knife or sword) and cut your fucking heads off." This particular teacher and I were his main targets.
  17. This year is completely different. Between us working with him and maturity he's a whole new kid and actually pleasant to be around. His worst fit this year was when he stormed out of class, but did so silently and stopped to grab a hall pass on his way out. So successful.
  18. Sometimes, like with this guy, I feel like what we do makes a real difference, although it doesn't happen as often as I'd like.