1. Today is a non-school day, and staff is all at a training at one of the high schools in our district.
  2. The only people at school today are staff.
  3. After the first session we all headed to the auditorium for the keynote speaker. My first session had been at the furthest corner of the school from the auditorium.
  4. I needed to use the restroom, so I went to the closest restroom to my class. Nobody was around, as everyone was headed in the opposite direction.
  5. I go into the first stall. No lock.
  6. I go into the second stall. No lock.
  7. So...I sit down anyway. Nobody's around, so no worries.
  8. The bathroom door opens and I hear voices. I clear my throat loudly so nobody comes into my stall.
  9. Then the two people give a little "yipe!" noise and leave quickly.
  10. That's when it hit me that the two people coming into a seemingly deserted bathroom were...
  11. One man and one woman.
  12. Coming into a deserted bathroom.
  13. And when they realize that someone's in there they split.
  14. I wish I would have stayed quiet. Damnit.