A Lava Tube On The Big Island

  1. This is the most commonly used entrance to this lava tube. It's just along the highway between Kailua-Kona and Kohala.
  2. Between the floor and entrance ceiling it's maybe 15' high. It gets smaller.
  3. Tourists, not locals, stack rocks. The locals are trying to put a stop to the practice, but I've yet to see a valid reason other than "We don't like it. It's ugly." Maybe it's fun, too?
  4. It's about a mile or so from the ocean. Maybe two miles?
  5. I picked up some litter, a sticker. I could have spent my entire vacation picking up litter here. I'm not joking. It's ridiculous. Please pack out what you pack in!
  6. They stack rocks everywhere. The locals hate this with a passion, but it still happens. Most of the time the stacks are short and crude. Rarely you'll see one more than 6 rocks tall. It gets hard fast.
  7. Constantly!
  8. Here's the exit from the first let of the lava tube.
  9. The entrance to the next part. It isn't a solid tube. Parts collapsed.
  10. Look at those ripples!
  11. So cool.
  12. This is old and rusty, and was probably used to tether a rope or something to in order to rappel down into part of the tube.
  13. Another entrance to another section.
  14. Jeez, it dips down where a "roof" is.
  15. There's a bridge. I 100% did NOT walk on that bridge. No way.
  16. A closer look at the roof / bridge that you will never convince me to cross. It's fifteen feet long and maybe six feet wide. How thick? Maybe eight feet. Maybe two inches. Doesn't master; I'm keeping my distance.
    My biggest irrational fear is heights, followed quickly by falling from a height.
  17. Such cool lava.
  18. Me juggling two pieces of lava with one hand, while filming myself with the other hand. This was take 12, the only usable one. It was hard to aim my phone without looking.
  19. A vent?
  20. More like a lava river bed at this point.
  21. A chunk of lava.
  22. An air bubble?
  23. That's a giant lava field.
  24. Cool ripples.
  25. Maybe there was a little explosion here? That would have been quite a sight to see.
    The explosion area is about eight feet across.
  26. Another vent?
  27. Another explosion?
    Ten or twelve feet across. Scale is hard to tell in these pictures.
  28. I did not like walking near this crack. I was worried I'd fall through. It happens sometimes!
  29. Another cool vent or bubble or something.
  30. Why didn't I walk on that roof / bridge? Because at one point this was just like that.
  31. Holy frick! It would have been cool to see happen, but frightening.
  32. Why?! Why, I ask you, why do people do this? Please stop!!
  33. "Care to walk here, Bill?" Oh, no thank you.
    But I've seen people standing right on the edge of that, looking over to take pictures. Insane!
  34. This was a lot of fun. I have walked through this lava tube before, but didn't this time. Last time I didn't have time to explore the area above it, so that's what I did this round.
  35. About two miles last the lava tube I came across these gots. Wild goats.
  36. They were just past the DONKEY CROSSING sign. The sign is there because The Big Island has WILD DONKEYS!
    My wife saw a wild boar a couple of days ago. Fun wildlife.