Inspired by @NicoleO
  1. Books to read soon.
    I have a ton of books, so this list is really just an immediate list.
  2. Books to buy next time I'm at @powellsbooks.
    Ever growing.
  3. Movies to buy next time I'm at Everyday Music, a new / used DVD / CD store.
    Ever growing.
  4. Music to buy next time...see list item above.
    Ever growing.
  5. Favorite quotes from Fight Club.
    I add to this list every time I read it.
  6. Grocery / What to make for dinner.
    I write this list in paper almost every day at work. There aren't always groceries on it, though.
  7. Li.St ideas.
    This is often written on paper, at work, when I'm, you know, supposed to be working.
  8. Drawing ideas.
    I'm terrible at drawing, but am working on getting better. I have many ideas of what I want to draw.
  9. The Book Store ideas.
    I've started writing a comic tentatively called The Book Store (formerly called Maui's Books because Maui is my nickname) but haven't written a lot because I get stuck on the art portion.