@list is awesome!
  1. I wrote a list recently called College Debt Isn't The Problem And Shouldn't Be Forgiven; The Problem Lies Elsewhere.
  2. @billdawson wrote a list countering my list, called College Debt Is A Problem And Should Be Forgiven.
  3. Several people weighed in on both lists: @lexie_elyse @marykathryn @jessilee23 @eliolsberg @kate81 @billdawson @culture_czar all participated in a lively discussion about College Debt and what should / shouldn't / could be done about it.
  4. There were some strong emotions, yet everyone remained civil and comments were not only polite, but very thoughtful. It has really given me a lot to think about.
  5. I don't know as much about this topic as I thought I did. I learned a lot and have new feelings about this. One thing I know for sure is that our current college loan system is fairly broken and needs to be fixed.
  6. I've spent a lot of time this week thinking about this and I really appreciate everyone's input. Thanks especially to @billdawson for making his enlightening list and continuing this conversation.
  7. I had some people flat out tell me how I was wrong, and did so in a friendly, civil manner, and I'm so glad I wrote that list. @list is a great space for open discussion on important topics. Thanks Li.St!