A Small, Yet Funny Section In My Library.

  1. The Cannibal Section.
  2. Books: Serial Killers (not necessarily can I also, but it fits anyway), Cannibal Serial Killers (now we're talking!), Cannibal Killers, Cannibalism. DVDs: Cannibal, The Musical, American Serial Killers (a ten part series including Jeffery Dahmer). CD: Fine Young Cannibals, The Raw & The Cooked.
  3. FYC!
  4. Shelved in the graphic novel section is another book, My Friend Dahmer, by Derf Backderf. Derf and Dahmer we're friends in high school, in real life. Derf has gone on to be a somewhat successful graphic novelist and wrote a book about their friendship, from before Jeffrey was a cannibal serial killer.