As you can see, I do not make my living as an illustrator.
  1. One day I was driving across a bridge in a small town.
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  2. A kid on a skateboard was riding on the sidewalk.
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  3. Remember how kids used to sag their pants?
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    That area between the blue jeans and purple shirt is his white boxers.
  4. A friend of the skater boy drove by.
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  5. Things seemed normal.
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  6. The guy in the car greeted his friend.
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    You know how friends treat each other.
  7. The skater, because he sagged his pants so much, was able to do something special...
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    Please note how much underwear is showing.
  8. Without pulling his pants down, he was able to moon his friend.
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  9. He just bent over a bit, pulled his boxers down over his pants and mooned away.
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  10. The guy in the car screamed his approval.
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