This applies to my life. Your mileage may vary. Requested by @JennyJLee. Also, I'm not 100% sure what was expected, so I'm doing whatever I want with this idea.
  1. 1 - 7 Being a little kid was great!
    Do you ever see those little kids running around, screaming with joy, not a care in the world, literally crazy with fun? That was me!
  2. 8 - 9 Not good.
    We moved 3 times in 2nd grade. While I don't remember it, apparently I cried and wet my pants at school every day for months. What must my teachers have thought?!
  3. 9 - 10 Decent.
    We settled into one town and I started making friends.
  4. 11 - 14 Woot!
    Middle school sucks for a lot of kids, but I loved it. I was starting to figure out who I was.
  5. 15 Awesome!!
    This was the one year where I think I was actually attractive. I took full advantage. I had 13 girlfriends that year, the last one I'm still married to, after 4 years of dating and 32 years of marriage.
  6. 16 - 19 Good.
    I hated high school, but I was in love with my girlfriend, so I finished. Barely. About 175 students, I graduated about number 160. 1.87 GPA!!
  7. 19 Wonderful.
    This was our honeymoon year.
  8. 20 - 24 This period sucked.
    My mother committed suicide when I was 20, my father died of brain cancer when I was 21 and I was F'ing mad at the world for a few years. I wasn't an enjoyable person then. If you like me now, you would not have liked me then.
  9. 25 - 27 Fine.
    Life was getting better.
  10. 28 and 31 Awesome!
    Our daughter @PinkOnWednesdays was born when I was 28, my son was born when I was 31. Magical days.
  11. 28 - 39 Filled with wonder
    I stayed home to raise my kids for about 11 years. No income but the best job in the world.
  12. 40+ Better every day.
  13. 42 - Nice.
    I met my best friend (@fade) this year, although I didn't know that's what she'd become.
  14. 44 - Cool.
    This was the year my best friend and I started being best friends. We worked together at a school (she was my boss) and she got transferred away to another school. I got brave and told her how much I admired her and how much I'd learned from her. Friendship grew.
  15. 46 - Surprisingly good.
    I got transferred from an elementary school where I felt that I truly belonged, to a middle school and I was pissed. Well, it turns out that I love working at middle school. Middle schoolers are fun!
  16. 51-11/12 - Yes!
    I discovered The List App. Thank you @bjnovak and @dev My life is better, and I have more laughs in it.
  17. 52+ A mystery, but with great hope.
    I just had a birthday a few weeks ago and the future is looking good.