Inspired by @brasmi who is brand new to and so far only has two lists. Both winners!
  1. Pink Floyd. The Wall
    There a story about hearing this album for the first time that I don't think I can put on Great album, great memories. It still holds up.
  2. Dave Matthews Band, all bootlegs.
    Back in the day I traded cassette tape bootlegs. Some guy wanted some of my Jimmy Buffett and had nothing I wanted. I told him to just send me something he liked. I got a bunch of DMB and truly it changed my life.
  3. C. W. McCall, Black Bear Road.
    I listened to Convoy like 8,000 times in a row.
  4. Jackson Browne, I'm Alive.
    I'm Alive, Everywhere I Go, Too Many many deeply moving songs. I've listened to this hundreds of times.