An Embarrassing Assumption I Made About Someplace I'd Never Been.

@NumbahTwo made me think about making this list.
  1. I'm from Oregon, and I've lived here my whole life.
    I'm 53!
  2. Okay, okay, I was born in Garden Grove, CA, but we moved to Oregon when I was six months old, so I consider myself a native Oregonian.
    🎵I took this trip to Garden Grove: It smelled like Lou Dog inside the van...🎶
  3. I'd heard about New York and New York City, but I'd never been. I had an idea of what The Empire State was like.
  4. Are you from New York? Please don't be angry.
  5. I assumed that this is what the entire state looked like.
  6. Like, this is all there is in the entire state of New York.
  7. This was all there was from New Jersey to...jeez, I don't even know what's north of New York. Vermont? Connecticut? Canada? Whatever is up there, it borders New York City.
  8. I'm sorry. I didn't do well in geography. Most of that was taught in 5th grade, and that's the year that Julie sat right in front of me, and you can't expect me to pay attention with that going on!
  9. Then my daughter applied to and was accepted to Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. She's also accepted at some other east coast colleges, so we flew out, took a whirlwind college tour of 8 schools and like 75 tiny east coast states. Okay, maybe 7, but it felt like 75.
  10. She did go to Ithaca College and had a great experience.
  11. Her freshman dorm room.
  12. You know what? It turns out that New York is rural as hell!
  13. Roll an hour outside New York City and you're in the freaking country!
  14. New York has some serious farmland. It goes on forever!
  15. I stopped for gas at a station and they had a sign that read "Snowmobiles Pay Before Fueling." Um, snowmobiles drive up to the gas station?!
  16. I saw so many of these signs in upstate New York. I had no idea.
  17. I'd never spent much time thinking about New York before going there: for some reason I just assumed it was all New York City, border to border.
  18. Lesson learned.