Change is hard. Change is different. Change is good.
  1. I was against being available for Androids at first.
    Hear me out!
  2. I liked the exclusivicity.
  3. Dear Android users, I'm sorry, but most Android users that I know are kind of...not the brightest. But...
  4. Maybe it's just that most people I know whom I consider dumb AF use Androids. Maybe I shouldn't blame the device.
  5. There are plenty of idiot iPhone users as well. Clearly.
  6. I think that iPhone and Android users will produce the same great lists here. The dumb asses will self weed out because people simply don't follow morons.
    For the most part.
  7. The cream will rise to the top no matter the device.
  8. So welcome, Android folks.
  9. Bring on the awesome lists!!