1. If you're on Bumpers and have thoughts and questions, there may be help.
  2. Can you ❤️or ⭐️ or 👍🏼 someone's podcast? No.
  3. Can you tag someone in a podcast or comment, by typing @andersun or whatever? No.
  4. Can you Direct Message someone? No.
  5. But...they're asking for input. They want to know what we want. Cool!
  6. Go to: Surveymonkey.com/r/k6ZWFHZ and take their survey.
  7. I don't think you can click the link 👆🏼but it's easyish to remember. Surveymonkey.com -you know that part. Then /r/ which is easy to remember. Then k6XWGHZ. You can remember that part, or double click back to here and read it aloud and remember or read it one letter at a time as you double click back and forth.
    I know. It's a hassle. It's worth it!
  8. I think it's worth the effort because they're actually asking what we want.
  9. It's not a perfect survey, but there are places to write whatever you want, so you can add stuff that's important to you.
  10. Then at the end they ask for your email address (voluntary) in case they have follow up questions.
    I haven't gotten an email, but I only took their survey a few hours ago. I may never. Who knows. It's nice to know that they consider it enough to ask.
  11. Anyway, take their survey, because it may improve the experience.
  12. I'm digging Bumpers so far. Have you listened to @andersun's podcasts? Or any by @sarahmccoy ? They're awesome!