@Evie wrote a list: EMBARRASSING MOMENTS FROM MY CHILDHOOD THAT STILL HAUNT ME. and one of her items inspired me to write this list.
  1. I was in a Bed, Bath, and Beyond one time and needed to use the restroom.
    Henceforth known as BB&B.
  2. This was not my "home" BB&B
  3. I was in a different town, but BB&Bs are all the same, right?
  4. Or so I thought.
  5. I found the restrooms.
  6. I went in, and actually thought "That's weird. A men's room with no urinals."
  7. Whatever. I went into a stall and locked the door.
  8. Someone else came in behind me and went into another stall.
  9. Their phone rang.
  10. She answered her phone.
  11. SHE answered HER phone.
  12. I almost laughed out loud.
  13. "Hahahaha. There's a woman in the Men's room!"
  14. Hang on...
  15. Not my normal BB&B. No urinals. A woman in here.
  16. I flushed, flung the stall door open and raced out the door.
  17. I didn't even wash my hands, and for me, that is a huge deal!
  18. I looked at the sign on the door.
  19. Dang.
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  20. Holy crap!
  21. I immediately went to the Men's room and washed my hands.
    I'm not an animal!
  22. Be careful out there, people.