1. I work in SpEd at a middle school. We've had NINE snow days this year and are making up for some of them in creative ways, including a change in the bell schedule, so classes are starting and ending differently. 3 days a week each class is 4 minutes longer than normal. This wreaks havoc for SpEd kids, and today was the first day of this schedule.
  2. I told a 12 year old boy with autism that it was time to go to math class and he was growling at me (literally growling) and complaint about the schedule.
  3. 12 year old boy with autism: "There's going to be an uprising. Kids are not going to tolerate this. They're hungry and can't wait forever for lunch. I'm telling you, there's going to be an uprising!"
  4. I showed him the new schedule and explained that he'll actually get lunch 15 minutes EARLIER with the new schedule and they lunch will still be just as long as before.
  5. He studied the schedule, asked again if lunch would be earlier or later. Once he accepted that lunch wasn't going to be later he calmed down.
  6. You're welcome. I averted an uprising today. Close call.
  7. PS. I love my job! This kid is one my favorite kids I've ever gotten to work with. He's just awesome.