Bill's Anti-Bucket List

These are things I hope to never, ever do. Ever.
  1. Skydiving. That's a whole lot of "No thank you" right there.
  2. Bungee Jumping. Okay, pretty much anything to do with falling from a height is out of the question for me. Say they're safe all you want; I'll fight you.
  3. Watch NASCAR. Or any auto racing. These events have a monopoly on boring. Hard pass.
  4. Run a marathon. Or a 10K or any foot race like that. I did the Portland Marathon in 1991 and never need to do another.
    Oddly, Mud Runs look like fun to me. I may do one of those some day.
  5. Live to see Fanny packs come back into style. I'm embarrassed to say that I was an extremely early adopter on these things, and held on way too long after they went out of style. They're super, super handy but damn are they ever ugly.
    I do miss the functionality though. I've tried so many backpacks and other systems and none of them work well for me. Still, fanny packs are ugly as sin.
  6. Run out of hobbies. I can't even imagine running out of hobbies. Hell, my longest running hobbies is trying new hobbies! But...oh, I shudder at the idea of not having a hobby.