So, so many reasons. This is just one.
  1. On FB sometimes people announce their birthday, occasionally a day or two in advance.
    Like "I can't believe I'm having a birthday tomorrow. I'm so old and wrinkly."
  2. Other times they announce it in their birthday.
    "Happy birthday to me. I'm so lame."
  3. Either way it's just unflattering attention seeking.
    Veiled "Please wish me happy birthday, tell me I'm young and attractive and totally cool."
  4. And all the birthday wishes people wiote on other people's timeline. "Happy birthday." "Happy birthday. Enjoy your day." The worst: "I saw on Facebook that it's your birthday. Happy birthday."
    So unoriginal, all of it.
  5. But on The List App people sometimes post about their birthday.
  6. They're not just posting that it IS their birthday and asking for crappy greetings. They're writing thoughts, feelings or funny stories about their birthday.
  7. Check out Jen Smith's birthday list: WHEN DOES THE MID-30S START? AND OTHER BIRTHDAY MORNING RAMBLINGS. This is a perfect example of a cool birthday list!
    Way to go @supercommonname I loved your list.
  8. Thank you @list for making my life more enjoyable and less "Insincere happy birthday"ish.