Car emblems and weird stickers that make me laugh.

  1. Infinity into Devil.
    Creative yet creepy.
  2. The Fish turned into a cat.
    How many cats does this person own?
  3. Stick figure fornicating with "it."
    This doesn't take a genius to figure out. It also doesn't take a genius to know this is a single guy, probably still in a frat.
  4. Just no.
  5. Not an emblem or sticker. Just that this guy parks like a dick.
    Also, he has a small dick.
  6. Short Bus Flashers.
  7. Oregunian.
    This idiot had this sticker in their front window and rear ended my son while texting. This idiot was texting - my son wasn't.
  8. Okay, this doesn't fit my list title, this a dentist or is this just weird?
  9. This person is probably on
  10. Does this license plate mean "vomit?"
  11. Ha!
  12. Also Ha!
  13. Not a car at all, but I took this picture on the north end of Maui, and it cracked me up. Kids are funny!
  14. Also not a car. There's a street in Portland called NE Flanders, and some kid had a marker. Brilliant!
  15. Probably on
  16. This doesn't make me laugh. This woman cut me off in a parking lot, almost hitting me, then zig zagged through the lot to avoid speed bumps, then ran a red light.
    "Hey Jill, your phone number and web address are on your car!" I left a review on her website.
  17. Sorry for the bad picture. It reads: WARNING - PIMP ZONE. ALL VIOLATORS WILL BE BITCH SLAPPED.
    His mother must be so proud of her little pimp.
  19. If anyone can explain this one to me, I'd love to hear it.
  20. Way to #KeepItClassy
  21. A take on the Jesus Fish emblem?
    Also, every time they get in their car, do they think "What if I told you..."?