Requested by @gd3
  1. Okay, this is an interesting List Request. I'm not sure where to go with it, but I'm off anyway.
  2. At first when I close my eyes I just see total black darkness. Nothing.
  3. But if I'm able to keep them closed, especially if it's dark, I start seeing stuff.
  4. eyes stop being in control of what I see, and my brain takes over.
  5. I start seeing scenes, like I'm watching a movie.
  6. Vivid scenes, full of rich, colorful detail.
  7. Then I just get to sit back and enjoy the show, while controlling it.
  8. I suppose it's like daydreaming. Or maybe it is daydreaming.
  9. But I can just think of stuff and watch it. Entire episodes of The Office. Scenarios from work. Snorkeling off Maui. Hiking. Lunch with friends. Whatever.
  10. It's pretty great.