Company Villains That Became Spokes Figures

Sometimes companies make commercials that have a villain or nemesis and then the bad guy becomes popular and all of a sudden they're the spokesman.
  1. Mr. Whipple. He was a grocery store manager who hated Charmin toilet paper because people were always squeezing it. The catchphrase was "Please don't squeeze the Charmin." Eventually he turned into a guy who did little else in the store besides promote Charmin and the catchphrase became "Mr. Whipple! You're squeezing the Charmin."
    Fun fact. Adam Savage of Mythbusters had his first acting job as a stockboy in one of these commercials.
  2. Ernest P. Warhol. He was Vern's neighbor in Ford commercials and irritated the hell out of Vern by saying "Hey Vern, it's me, Ernest" all the time. Then he became the Ford spokesman and then, amazingly, became the Ernest movie franchise. How!
  3. Clara Peller. Her catchphrase was "Where's the beef?!" She crank called hamburger places and then became the Wendy's spokesperson.
  4. The Dominos Noid. The catchphrase was "Avoid The Noid" and The Noid was a bad guy that ruined pizza. Then he became Dominos spokesman and before long there were stuffed Noids and other collectables.
  5. Gecko. He got wrong number calls that were intended for Geico, because people couldn't read phone books. He was very irritated until he became the Geico spokes Gecko.
  6. Mayhem. He was literally a walking disaster in Allstate commercials. Now he's the Allstate spokesman.
  7. Car Fox. Unreputable used car lots would pretend that they didn't know what Car Fax was and would present the Car Fox, a sneaky liar. Then he became the Car Fax spokes fox.