Today is @fade's birthday.
  1. She understands the whole Oxford Comma deal and has an opinion, but doesn't push her opinion on others.
  2. Despite a genius level IQ, she's very down to earth.
  3. I worked in her classroom two periods a day for over a year and learned from her every single day.
  4. She has more compassion for kids in SpEd than anyone I know.
    It's inspiring.
  5. She's very modest.
    She's brilliant and beautiful, but she behaves as though she isn't.
  6. gina has wonderful handwriting.
  7. She's a safe driver, one of the few people who I feel comfortable riding with when she drives.
  8. She was kind enough to be patient and teach me to enjoy sushi.
    Thanks, fade!
  9. She's a speed reader. She often reads a book a day.
  10. She's nice to me.
    And I'm not always a fun person.
  11. She listens to understand, and doesn't just listen for her turn to talk.
    This is one of my favorite things about her.
  12. She loves to learn.
    And isn't afraid to admit when she doesn't know something.
  13. She's kind of waitstaff. She treats them well always.
  14. She thinks about how to be more environmentally conscious and kind to the earth all the time.
  15. Happy birthday, fade.