Inspired by @fade Thanks for your list, fade. It got me thinking.
  1. Dave Matthews Band
    I can't even believe I've never seen these guys.
  2. Ben Harper.
    He's such a soulful guy.
  3. Jack Johnson.
    I know. A lot of people consider him a "chick singer," as in "chick flick" but a singer. I don't care. I love the guy.
  4. Jackson Browne.
    Oh, and if he could have David Lindley with him. Wow.
  5. Eddie Vedder solo.
    I can't even imagine.
  6. Springsteen.
    Solo or with the E Street Band.
  7. David Gilmour.
    Of Pink Floyd. Solo, with anyone associated with Pink Floyd or any other group. He's amazing.
  8. John (@john ) Mayer.
    Obviously I'm as straight as can be, but when he closes his eyes and sings while dancing...geez, I can see why the girls like him so much.
  9. Tom Waits.
    That voice!
  10. Counting Crows.
    Such deep lyrics.
  11. Weezer.
    Fun, fun, fun music. I'd also try to rush the stage with a whole chocolate cake and request a song.