1. A parent came in before lunch today and set this up.
  2. For their 6th grade son.
  3. Gatorade, Teriyaki take out, balloons and some kind of party favor for her child and two of their friends.
  4. There are about 350 6th graders in the lunchroom and she's doing this for three of them. Eight kids to a table, but only three will get this at that table. It seems kind of rude to me.
  5. This isn't a kid with special needs or an illness or anything. Just a regular kid.
  6. The problem is that this is setting some high expectations for the future. And this is just the 6th grade!!
  7. Every year there's one or two parents who have a stretch limo show up for 8th grade graduation. What's the plan for high school graduation? A helicopter?
  8. Turning 12, "graduating" from 8th grade and even graduating from high school are the baseline. There are a lot of at risk kids who don't graduate high school, Butter list kids, it's the basic expectation.
  9. This is my second shitty list in as many days. I'll step off now.