Dinner Date

Inspired by @fade
  1. My parents.
    @fade had this on her list too. Both of have lost both parents and it makes me sad.
  2. Tom Waits.
    Talk about weird guys! I once heard him say that sometimes he turns on two different radios to different stations, so they be intentionally hears things wrong. It inspires him. This is brilliant! Anyone who thinks this way is welcome at my dinner party.
  3. Someone from the time when mankind had spoken language but not written language.
    We'll pretend that they speak English even though we know this wasn't the case.
  4. Dave Matthews.
    He's a weird guy and I'd love to talk to him.
  5. Stephen King.
    Besides being so creative he's an interesting guy.
  6. Nick Woodman, GoPro founder.
    I think he's living life on his own terms and I'd like to hear about that.
  7. Obviously. I could talk to fade for hours and hours and hours and not run out of stuff to talk about, and be sad to see her leave.
  8. B. Kliban.
    The Kliban Cat guy. I wonder what he's been up to.
  9. I probably need a bigger table.
    Maybe they'll take shifts?
  10. Ron Jeremy.
    I know. He's disgusting. But he's also interesting AF. (See what I did there?)
  11. Gary Gygax
    He created Dungeons & Dragons and died a few years ago. I bet he was one of your more interesting weird guys.
  12. Hank Moody.
    The character played by David Duchovny in Californication. Based roughly on Charles Bukowsky. I love all three of these guys. I wouldn't want to be friends with any of them, but I'd like to eat a meal with any of them. Especially Hank.
  13. Banksy.
    The street artist. I bet this would be an uncomfortable meal because I bet he's a dick. But you never know. Either way, he's fascinating.