Not that comedy is competitive, but...
  1. I was just sitting at work, you know, reading lists on The List App.
    Oh don't pretend like you don't!
  2. My friend came up from behind me VERY quietly and started whispering in my ear.
  3. I hadn't heard her approach.
  4. When I hear a voice in my ear I jumped and shouted!
  5. She started laughing at me.
    Laughing really hard.
  6. I started laughing too, almost hysterically after coming down from the fright.
  7. We were looking at each other, laughing so hard that we couldn't speak.
  8. All of a sudden her eyes got wide and she grabbed her crotch!!
  9. She had peed her pants a little bit!!
  10. I made her laugh so hard that she literally peed her pants!
  11. I win!!!