Favorite Video Games Of My Life

  1. Pong. The original. My dad was SO psyched to buy this and we played for hours and hours.
  2. Asteroids. This baby was IT! I put so many quarters into this game. I'd hang out at the pizza place near my high school or the 7-11 near my house and play for hours. I never got tired of playing this game.
    My friends and I would have contests, the only rule being "No cruising for ships" because it was too easy to rack up extra lives that way. Cheating.
  3. Super Sprint. I played this at Skate Palace, the roller rink my parents dropped me off at for several hours every Saturday night right before they got divorced. I loved this game.
    Three players each dropped a quarter in. You shifted with a shift knob, and steered with a "real"steering wheel. It was a blast!
  4. Asteroids Deluxe. This was an "upgrade" but I didn't like it as well. The shield seemed like cheating to me. It was okay, but not great. Yet I still put quarters into it like money didn't matter.
  5. Atari 2600. I never owned one, but my friend Mike had one with a bunch of games. Obviously Asteroids was the best game, but I played many hours of Tank, Breakout, Defender and a lot of Space Invaders.
    Mike and I were evenly matched, and his mother got mad when we started cussing at each other.
  6. Kids these days. They don't know what a real video game is. Do they even know where to put the quarter?