Fight Club 2!

  1. Fight Club 2 is out now in hardback and I got an AUTOGRAPHED copy today at @powellsbooks and I'm so excited I can't contain myself.
  2. Fight Club 2 written by Chuck Palahniuk and illustrated by Cameron Stewart.
  3. The autograph.
    Thanks @powellsbooks!!!
  4. It first came out as a series of comic books, that came out one per month then as a full graphic novel, where each monthly comic is a chapter.
  5. I didn't make it there, but my niece picked up the Free Comic Book Day prequel and gave it to me.
    Thanks Celia! (Celia isn't on but I keep begging her and will update his list with her username when she finally joins.)
  6. Volume #1
  7. Also Volume #1 because they came out in multiple covers.
    Naturally I had to get all of the covers.
  8. Volume #1, C
  9. Volume #2, A
  10. Volume #2, B
  11. Volume #2, C
  12. Volume #3, A
  13. Volume #3, B
    They dropped to two covers with #3. This is one of my favorite covers.
  14. Volume #4, A
  15. Volume #4, B
  16. Volume #5, A
  17. Volume #5, B
  18. Volume #6, A
  19. The back of Volume #6. I love this!
  20. Volume #6, B
  21. Volume #7, A
  22. Volume #7, B
  23. Volume #8, A
  24. Volume #8, B
  25. Volume #9, A
  26. I'm sad to say I apparently missed 9, B, so back to @powellsbooks for me!
  27. Volume #10, A
  28. Volume #10, B
  29. I cannot even tell you how much I loved Fight Club. I've read and watched it many times. Fight Club 2 was also good, but frankly not as good. I enjoyed it and had fun getting them and reading them, but I doubt I'll read them too many more times.
  30. One day I'll make a list of all of my Fight Club stuff, which included all edition of the DVDs, Blu Ray, VHS, soundtrack and more.
    Also an awesome drawing by @brittmaag that still blows me away!!
  31. Sin Titulo is a graphic novel written by Cameron Stewart, who illustrated Fight Club 2 and this was advertised in Fight Club 2, so I got it because it looked interesting. It was great! Twisted and bizarre.