I worked at Wendy's back in the early 80s.
  1. Do you know why Wendy's hamburger patties are square? The answer I was given is "because we don't cut corners at Wendy's." Seriously.
  2. The Frosty is not ice cream. I cannot stress enough the fact that it is not ice cream. But when asked what it is, we were given instructions to explain that it's similar to a milkshake, but thicker than a milkshake, and a tasty frozen treat and all kinds of crap, but "try to avoid saying that it's not ice cream if you can."
  3. When making a Frosty, do NOT make a curlicue. This is not Dairy Queen!! This was drilled into us, and you'd be surprised at how easy it is to make the curlicue and how difficult it is to not make one.
  4. Seeing a school bus pull into the lot induced severe panic. "Make fries! Make all the Fries! Start more hamburger patties! Turn up the grill! Help! More fries, much more fries!!"
  5. The only difference between a Wendy's Single...
  6. ...Double...
  7. ...or Triple is the amount of meat.
  8. I can't find a picture, but a four patty one-pound burger was available, just not on the menu. We only sold one when I worked there. Gross.
  9. When I was 15 I ordered and ate a triple. Gross.
  10. The meat in the Wendy's chili is from hamburger patties that were on the grill too long to still make it into a burger.
  11. Anytime of day, there were a minimum of maybe 3 or 4 patties on the grill no matter how quiet it was. If it was slow, you'd turn the grill down and when someone came in, crank it up to finish one of the patties. The goal was like 30 seconds from ordering to handing them their food.
  12. But if a patty was on the grill too long you couldn't put it on a burger, so it went into a pan with the others, and the next day it wound up in the chili.
  13. For a while I worked the main grill (as opposed to the drive-up grill) during the lunch rush. I'd have maybe 50+ patties on at a time, constantly rotating the flipping, in order, while handing patties to the sandwich makers. It was fast and furious ordered chaos. I'd sweat like mad and 2 hours went by in the blink of an eye.
    I couldn't find a picture of a Wendy's grill with square burgers, but this is what it was like.
  14. Clara "Where's The Beef" Peller had her 15 minutes of fame while I worked at Wendy's and we hated her. People would call us, or come in, yelling "Where's the Beef?!" This was stupid, because the point of the ads was that she went to somewhere that WASN'T Wendy's and they didn't have the beef. Wendy's had the beef!
    People don't really pay attention to ads very well. (@andersun had this great list https://li.st/andersun/in-the-future-everyone-will-be-world-famous-for-15-minutes-4vmiTXcl2jnN4dbxlSyGam which spawned this one. Read everything Eric puts out; every one of his lists are pure gold.)
  15. I worked at a Wendy's in Portland, Oregon. My wife also worked there. We never worked the same shift, but we both knew everyone there. It was fun. We both worked there while working other jobs and the Wendy's money went into the We Need A Couch fund. After we bought a couch it became the We Want To Go To Hawaii fund. We went there, too.
  16. While working there we had to answer the phone by saying "Wendy's Hamburgers, fresh as the great Northwest, this is Bill, how may I be of service?" Damn, that was too much! People started talking before you'd finish, but if a manager didn't hear you say the whole thing you got in trouble, so you just had to keep going.
  17. One time while working the drive through my friend drove through and thought he'd be funny in how he ordered his large Mt Dew. Also, he thought only I could hear him, when in fact every employee could hear him. He said "Hi. Can I get a large piss?" I said "One large Mt Dew, you got it," and he did "No! A large piss!" I never lived that down.
    And to this day, every time I see a Mt Dew I think "large piss."
  18. One time someone came to the drive-through while I was on sandwich making duty and ordered "Extra Mayo on a single with extra mayo. Can I get extra mayo on that? Then I'd like a small fries, and extra mayo on the burger. I'd also like a large Coke, and can I get extra mayo on that burger?" You couldn't hardly see the meat for all the extra mayo!
  19. There was an older gentlemen that would come in late at night and order two chicken sandwiches with mustard and onion only, no fries, no drink. He always walked in, instead of driving through, and always got them to go. My wife and I still wonder how ol Mustard and Onion Only is doing.
  20. Occasionally this late 40s man would come in, always with a different late teenage boy. The boy would always be super skinny with dark hair. The man would "spoil" the boy by telling him to get whatever he wanted. Then the older man would order three hamburger patties, barely cooked, almost raw, on a plate. It was creepy as hell.
  21. The women's restroom had a white metal trash can with a lid, which was for sanitary disposal. One time some woman pooped ON TOP of the white metal trash can. On top!! Who does that?!
  22. If you were willing to eat in the back of the restaurant you could get your food for half price, even if you didn't work that day. Full price if you sat in the dining area. My wife and I were 20 years old and super poor, so that's where we'd go for a "date." To the back part of Wendy's for half price burgers.
  23. The cheese for chili or a baked potato was real cheese. The cheese on the salad bar was not real cheese.
  24. We were constantly told that if you messed up a burger and had to throw away a bun and start over, that was "literally the same as throwing away a five dollar bill." Um, buns cost about a nickel back then! To this day when one of throws food away we joke "That's literally throwing away a five dollar bill."