I'd like your opinion.
  1. I've had some political discussions here on li.st and I think it's remained civil. People were respectful and did not call names or spew lies.
  2. I've engaged in a couple of political discussions on Facebook and it has NOT remained civil. The lies people are saying is shocking.
  3. I just had a man tell me that Hillary Clinton is a misogynist.
  4. Misogynist: 1. a person who hates, dislikes, mistrusts, or mistreats women.
    That's a screen shot of my dictionary app.
  5. Are you even kidding me? He claimed that all of the misogyny started with the liberals. Hillary Clinton hates women? What?!?!
  6. My niece's son, who is black, was repeatedly called a nigger on the school bus last Thursday, by a kid who said there was change happening and my niece's son was now "my nigger." My niece's son got into a fist fight.
    The name caller got expelled, my niece's son did not. The school said they won't tolerate that hate behavior. Thankfully!
  7. My niece posted about this on FB. Another of her uncles, my wife's brother, messaged her privately calling her racist and a hate monger for posting about this.
  8. WHAT?! Literally, what the fuck!
  9. I just had someone on FB tell me that it's the liberals who are saying the "ultra-racist crap" and that they're all misogynists. Seriously? Misogynists voted for a woman for president?!
  10. I realize that the anger I feel belongs to me. I am responsible for my own reactions and behavior. But every time I get on FB, I get so mad I'm shaking. I am truly shocked and bewildered at the hate and flat out lies I'm seeing, often by people I personally know in real life.
  11. On the one hand, I would be happier if I was less angry and I'd be less angry if I A) Stayed away from FB, or B) Quit FB altogether.
  12. On the other hand, I feel that it's my responsibility as a caring human to stand up to this hatred and lying.
  13. I think it's my responsibility to marginalized people to stand up for them. Not by wearing a safety pin, but by actively not tolerating this hateful behavior. I'm lucky to be a white male who is financially stable, and have a moral duty to protect those who don't have every opportunity I have, and hopefully help them get those opportunities.
  14. We all came from somewhere else, and I think it's not okay to tell others they aren't welcome, as long as they're not criminals. Also, I believe in that whole innocent until proven guilty thing, including assuming that immigrants are decent people who will make our country better.
  15. I feel that shutting down or staying off FB is like burying my head in the sand. This simply cannot be ignored.
  16. Am I off my rocker? Am I close to being right? I can't tell. I am afraid that my anger over this hate is clouding my judgement.
  17. I don't want to be an ass on FB, but I also feel the need to stand up to hate, bigotry, homophobia, xenophobia, ableist behavior, misogyny, discrimination and the rest.
  18. Thoughts?
  19. I'm all for respecting others opinions, but what I see being touted as opinions isn't respectable.