1. Dumb. Just dumb.
  2. Obviously the Bill part is just my name.
  3. pili_ervin is the worst profile name ever.
  4. My very first email address was BillErvin@... it's closed now, but it was a free email company that didn't even offer internet service.
  5. Back then, which was around 1993 or so, I managed to get email, and didn't actually know a single person who had an email address for like six months. I was so excited to start living in the future, but couldn't even use it.
  6. So anyway, I didn't like that email server once there were better ones around, and I did some research and decided on yahoo. I liked the interface and services, and price. Kids, email wasn't always free!
  7. But any variation of BillErvin was taken. All of them!
  8. So I decided to get cute. I knew it didn't matter what I close because back then I only emailed with like 15 people.
  9. So I chose my name, but in Hawaiian - Pili. It's pronounced like you got a bad sunburn and now you're all "peely," but everyone says it like I've got pills stuck all over me and I'm "pilly." Pili. And I knew I'd use Ervin.
  10. Then I made the worst online mistake of my life.
  11. _
  12. I used an underscore to separate my first (Hawaiian) and last names.
  13. An underscore!
  14. Do you even know where the underscore is on your keyboard? Could you even find it on your phone if you needed to?
  15. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.
  16. pili_ervin.
  17. Of course over time it became too late to change it. Now it's my friggin username everywhere.
  18. I can't escape that goddamned underscore.