I'm watching a short documentary called In Unison. It's a unicycle documentary.
  1. I heard this line "And then pretty soon you start to identify as a unicyclist."
  2. I thought "Well sure, I identify as a unicyclist."
  3. And it got me thinking about identity. For some many people identify is tied to sexuality or race or religion.
    I'm not trying to take away from that at all. But I think we all identify as many things.
  4. I do identify as a unicyclist, but as many other things as well. Some are:
  5. Unicyclist.
    Here's a list about my unicycles: ME and My Unicycles-a Love Story
  6. Juggler.
    I can juggle balls, rings, scarves, clubs, other junk. I can do three four and almost five balls. Five sort of.
  7. Reader.
    In 2014 I read 56 books. I ALWAYS have a book going, often 3 or 4. Here's a link to my blog about that: https://sites.google.com/site/yearroundshorts/blog/2013readinglist
  8. Speed Cube Solver
    Rubik's Cube. I'm slow, but enjoy trying to better my time. I'm down to under two minutes sometimes.
  9. Dang Funny Guy.
    I am almost always the funniest person in the room, in my normal life. I suspect that a LOT of people on The List App identify as the funniest person they know as well.
  10. Bread Baker.
    I make really good bread. I've been baking bread for 30+ years and am pretty decent at it by now. I still flop one now and then, because I take chances, hoping to improve.
  11. Other than sexuality, gender, politically or religiously, how do you identify?
  12. Interesting question. I identify strongly with being a Gen-Xer, a child of the 80s, a devoted aunt, southerner, a homebody, and with being perpetually single.
    As well as being funny, smart, and fat. But those are more descriptors than identities. I'm not a fat activist, for example. But my size does color a lot of my interactions in life.
    Suggested by @jhope71
  13. dancer, paradoxically lazy overachiever, introvert, terrible conversationalist, drama queen, feminist w/o chill, blossoming rebel
    Suggested by @socks