I'm barely awake enough to make this list.
  1. Granola for breakfast
    A good, healthy start to the day. Chia seeds and hemp hearts added for extra health
  2. Dinners at 2:00, so maybe just a snack before
    Non stop snacking
  3. Ahhhh, Thanksgiving Dinner at last!
    But not too much, a healthy serving size
  4. Well...I could eat a little more
    Just the starches this time
  5. Oh god I'm too full!
    Oh, how did I miss the whole wheat bread. Just one slice for now
  6. A beer? Sure
    IPA I'm not normally an IPA guy, but this was good
  7. Gotta put the food away
    The stuffing won't quite fit in this Tupperware bowl, I'll just eat the rest
  8. Pie?
    Well, I mean, who can say no to pie?
  9. Oh geez, there's cake too?
    Oh, alright
  10. Oh, a Pilsner?
    I AM a Pilsner kind of guy, so sure
  11. I'm never going to eat again!