This isn't for any one person. It's for the anyone who needs to hear this.
  1. I care.
  2. I care about you.
  3. Many people who you couldn't even guess care about you.
  4. Are you seeing the outpouring of love and pain for @biz?
    Look at her beautiful face.
  5. Elizabeth "Biz" Adams took her own life and I'm devastated.
  6. I didn't know Biz in real life; in person. I only knew her through this app.
  7. We weren't besties or anything, but we both liked each other and interacted some.
  8. I admired her.
  9. My mother commuted suicide when I was 20 years old and I'm words work - devastated, upset, sad, depressed, deeply bothered, demoralize - add all those together and you'll still not be where I am, and it's been 32+ years.
  10. If you are depressed, feeling alone or like there's no way out. If you're wishing you didn't exist. If you feel that if you were gone nobody would miss you or care. Please know that people care. People care about you.
  11. I care about you.
  12. My mother felt that life wasn't worth living and that nobody loved her. She was wrong.
  13. If you're feeling the way my mother felt, you're wrong. People care. Life is worth living.
  14. Please seek help. Message me if that's all you feel you can do! I'm not a professional, but I can listen. I can send love and care about you on a more personal level.
  15. Please know that people care.
  16. I'm writing this on August 18, 2016. Right now all of the trending lists are about @biz but you can search "biz" any time after now and easily find all the lists about her.
  17. These lists are by people who didn't even know her in person, but cared deeply and are very upset.
  18. Please, please seek help. If the person you find doesn't help, screw them and find someone else. Keep trying until you find someone with whom you connect.
  19. I care.