Fo real. I know this is long, but it'll take you less than five minutes to read. Yet it's important.
  1. I'd like to ask you to please stop using your phone while driving. Don't talk, text, snapchat, use FB, Instagram,, or anything else while driving, please.
  2. This weekend I was driving about a mile from my house, on a narrow road with no shoulder, a 45 mph zone where people regularly do 55, and witnessed a single car accident.
  3. I was driving and there were two cars in the oncoming lane, with just a dotted yellow line between us. The first car passed right by me.
  4. The second car, going between 45 and 50 mph veered slightly to their right just as they were approaching me. Luckily to their right, because veering to the left would have been a head on collision. With me.
  5. Just as we were even with each other, their car slammed full speed (45 - 50 mph) into a utility pole. Full speed. They went from 45 to 0 instantly. In a nanosecond. The car made contact with the pole at about the passenger side headlight.
  6. The back of their car lifted off the ground, spun around and landed so that the car was still touching the utility pole, but facing nearly the opposite direction as they'd been going. The rear of the car slammed to the ground and the passenger side rear wheel broke on impact and was parallel to the ground.
  7. The whole front end of their car was smashed all to hell, partly ripped from the car, partly not.
  8. There were three people in the car. Both front airbags went off.
  9. I hit my breaks and whipped into a driveway, turned around and raced back to help. Luckily there were no cars behind me or the other car. I turned around and was back at the scene of the accident in under 15 seconds. By then all three people were out of the car.
  10. The driver, amazing, wasn't hurt terribly bad. He surely had whiplash and a lot of cuts, and was in shock, but no life threatening injuries.
    The windshield was completely smashed, yet still in one basic piece, but 90% no longer attached to the car. Both passenger side windows were totally blown out, shattered.
  11. The driver pulled the other two men from the car and laid them on the ground, both were writhing in pain and holding their stomachs and chests, moaning and crying. Many ribs were broken. Probably internal injuries.
  12. I've been trained in First Aid and CPR, but there was nothing I could really do, as there was really only minor external bleeding and everyone was breathing. My wife called 911 within 10 seconds of their crash, and we knew medics were on the way.
    Side note; please take a 1st Aid / CPR class.
  13. I talked to the men so they remained calm and didn't try to get up or move around. Within a few seconds of my arrival the driver decided that he also needed to lie down.
    Thanks to 1st aid trading I knew how important it was for me to remain calm in order to help them remain calm. I also knew to have them stay still and was able to see that they likely didn't have broken necks. I was thankful for that class!
  14. A police car showed up first, assessed the situation and called in asking for more help. Two fire trucks, four police cars and three ambulances showed up by the end.
  15. By the time all three men were taken away, all three were on stretchers and breathing and talking. I'm almost 100 sure that all will recover. I don't think there were life threatening injuries or broken spines. But there will be at least two of them with very lengthy recovery periods.
  16. But here's the reason for this list. I'm almost 100% sure that the driver was using his phone.
  17. He didn't use his breaks at all before hitting the utility pole, didn't slow down one bit. It was a straight stretch of road, with no shoulder. 45 to 0 in the blink of an eye, literally.
  18. I could see his tire tracks from where he left the road, as the gravel area sloped down to a drainage ditch. It's a shallow ditch, so not like a complete drop off, but it starts sloping about 4 inches from pavement. He left the road barely a car length from the pole and didn't try to stop.
    I sincerely believe this was accidental, not a suicide attempt or anything.
  19. I wonder...what was so important that he was willing to cause this severe, great injury inducing accident? What couldn't wait?
  20. Whatever someone texts you can wait. Whatever reason someone is calling you, it can wait. FB can wait. IG can wait. Snapchat can wait. Li.St sure as shit can wait.
  21. I made a decision some time ago to just never use my phone when I'm driving. If I need to use a map, I pull over, open Maps, find my destination and start it before driving again.
  22. I honestly pull over somewhere to look at a text and reply. Do you have any idea how much time this costs me? I'll tell you: almost none.
  23. If I do pull over to text, it's like 30 seconds, tops. But what I more often find is that I don't really want to pull over, and will just wait until I get to wherever I'm going. Almost all of my trips are ten minutes or less, the same as the rest of everyone living in America.
    Seriously, how often are you driving longer than half an hour?
  24. If you're on the freeway for a long trip, HOLY SHIT please don't text. How fast do you go on the freeway? Like 75 pretty often? Can you imagine the impact from an accident at 75 mph?!?! Commit to taking a break every couple of hours. Five minutes to stretch your legs, get a soda and text. But not while driving!
  25. You know how you have that friend who doesn't text back for like four hours? So annoying! But if they text back in 15 minutes it's totally cool? You can wait that 15 minutes to reply to anyone. Your friends won't mind waiting fifteen lousy minutes.
    Hell, people sometimes forget their phone when they go to the bathroom (not me!) and spend 15 minutes pooping. Your friends can wait that long.
  26. These guys in this car accident? Two of them are either still in the hospital or laying in bed right now. Whatever their driver was doing with his phone cost them a hell of a lot of time and pain. A lot!
  27. That text can wait. It's not actually important.
  28. If you're expecting a text that truly needs a reply, and it really is truly important, isn't it important enough to pull over for? Isn't your life worthy pulling over for? Isn't the driver of another car's life worth pulling over for?
  29. Think for a moment about the person in the world whom you most care about. Your mom. Your child. Your spouse. Your lover. How would you feel if they were driving and texting and died. What if it was a text to or from YOU and they died. How would you feel. Honestly, how would you feel.
  30. Guess what. That person feels the same about you.
  31. Please leave your phone alone when you're driving.