1. Warning!
  2. Spoiler Alert!
  3. If you haven't read or seen Fight Club, don't read this list.
  4. This is going to spoil the book / movie for you if you haven't read it.
  5. Stop here.
  6. Don't read any further if you haven't read the book.
  7. Okay. Are they gone? It's safe to talk about this now? (Feel free to make your own "The first rule of Fight Club is" joke here. I don't mind.)
  8. So chapter 22 is where The Narrator figures it out. He's in the hotel room in Seattle, and starts to figure it out, and decides that he HAS to go to sleep.
  9. He sort of falls asleep and then Tyler Durden is waking him up and they talk and he finally fully figures it out.
  10. He figures out that he and Tyler are the same person, but at different times.
  11. That chapter blows me away every time. Chills, I tell you!
  12. But...I have to say, even as good as it is, they did that scene better in the movie. It shocks me to say that, but it's true.
  13. When Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden looks at The Narrator and says "That's right!" Wow. That is the single best moment in the entire film.
  14. There's no point to this list. I was just so blown away by reading this section yet again, that I had to make a list.