A text from my friend Trish.
  1. This wasn't supposed to be a list.
    I was trying to find a loophole in the ALL CAPS list title by copying and pasting something in. This was the last text in a conversation with a good friend.
  2. We work together in SpEd at a middle school and once a week our department takes a field trip.
  3. Because of the kids she and I work with and their particular needs, I have to sit in the front seat and she sits in the back seat.
  4. We both used to sit together in the back seat and talk the whole time.
    Not even close to the G Love song!
  5. I texted her that I miss the old days when we sat together and talked and she texted back the title of this list.
  6. I really do miss that.
  7. Is it worthy of a list? Not likely but it made me feel better, so there.