A stolen list from someone I don't remember so I can't credit them. Sorry.
  1. Beverage: Diet Pepsi
    In a glass bottle if possible. In a can otherwise, or a fountain drink. Plastic bottle as a last resort.
  2. Adult Beverage: Gin N Tonic with lime please.
  3. Alternate Adult Beverage: Pilsner or Lager
  4. Water: Tap
    Bottled water is ruining the earth. Stop. If your local tap water is terrible, but a good filter. Also, please give to water.org.
  5. Starbucks: Triple Venti Soy Latte
  6. Dessert: Warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies with milk
    If you try to sneak freaking raisins in there, I will Unfriend you in real life. No joke.
  7. Sandwich: PB&J on Dave's Killer Bread
    Heavy on the PB. Also heavy on the J.
  8. Pizza: Fire Grilled Peperoni
    Fire grilled not available? Pepperoni not available? Literally any pizza will do. I have never had pizza I wouldn't eat except anything with seafood of any sort. Also, please stop with the artichoke hearts. They're gross.
  9. Candy Bar: Peanut Butter Snickers
    If this isn't your favorite, it must be because you haven't tried it. This isn't an opinion, it's a fact; this is The Best candy bar. Ever.
  10. Clothing Style: Ultra Casual
    I wear cargo shorts and t shirts every day of the year except weddings, funerals and my anniversary. Please wear shorts to my funeral. No suits.
  11. Music: Jam Bands
    Dave Matthews Band. Pearl Jam. Gov't Mule. Foo Fighters. Grateful Dead. Sorry, no Phish.