1. I'm going to read a Nancy Drew book. Probably The Old Clock.
    That's the first one, isn't it?
  2. I always wanted to read Nancy Drew books as a kid.
  3. Instead I devoured The Hardy Boys books.
    I'm a slow reader, was slower as a kid, and didn't read much. So by "devoured" I mean that I read 5 or 6, but for me that was devouring.
  4. But boys weren't allowed to read Nancy Drew books, which bugged me to no end.
  5. The girls read them and raved about them.
  6. But I want allowed.
  7. Because I was a boy.
  8. Rude.
  9. As an adult, I realized that being "not allowed" to read Nancy Drew was just something that I believed. Nobody ever told me that.
  10. I just thought they we're girl books and guys weren't supposed to read girl books
  11. So screw it. I'm finally going to read me some Nancy Drew!