I'm So Excited Because I Just Ordered Four Wallets From Amazon.

  1. This is the wallet I've used for years now. I'm not telling you which model it is because Amazon hasn't had them in stock in months and they only had four now, and I don't want you liking them. I've been watching for months now and they just showed up. I bought them all.
  2. This is a canvas wallet, no leather. I'm not totally anti leather, but I do not like a leather wallet. This wallet is perfect for me.
  3. But they wear out. The Velcro part starts fraying after a year or so and the when I need a new one Amazon is usually out. I've gone through maybe five in the past.
  4. I also ordered one of these fidget cubes. Two, actually. One for me, one for kids in my SpEd department at school.
  5. I also ordered a fidget spinner similar to this one.
  6. I'm excited about this whole Amazon order. Woot!
  7. Yay! They're here! I've hated the stupid Old Navy one I've been using. This is so much better to be back to my old wallet again. Whew!