I Made My Son A Xmas Present. Here It Is.

  1. It's a dice tower.
  2. Here's the top view.
  3. It started as a cardboard tube like a poster might be mailed in.
  4. I put gobs of hot glue on it to represent stones, then painted vines growing up the tower.
  5. Here's where the dice come out.
  6. I went to TJ Maxx and bought a wooden picture thing that was painted white and said "Just Married." It was banged up and on clearance for $3. I punted that and lined it with felt for the base.
  7. My son plays Dungeons & Dragons and this is a dice tower made to fit the look and feel of D&D. The idea is that it mixes up the dice without them flying all over the game table.
    This was a blast to make, despite many burns from the hot glue gun.