Continued from Part I.
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  9. Are you singing the Bill Nye The Science Guy theme song now, too?
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  16. Side A.
  17. Side B.
  18. Static
  19. This is a thought bubble, thinking "Resist." I'm impressed.
  20. Static
  21. Good grief.
  22. My friend took me out to lunch and the guy at the next table was wearing this shirt that reads "Trump. Make America Great Again" in Russian. Brilliant.
  23. A group had these super cool fish. The white heads were carved from styrofoam and the bodies were some kind of fabric with an internal frame, probably PVC pipe. There were maybe 8 fish and a couple of people with signs about northwest salmon.
  24. They wore frame packs with PVC pipes strapped to them to hold the fish up. I loved these.
  25. Static
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  27. The crowd went for blocks and blocks. We were maybe three blocks from the front of the March. When we got to the end we stood and watched the march end, and it went on for another 30 minutes at least.m after we finished. Thousands of people supporting science. I was proud to have been part of this group.
  28. Thanks @fade and thanks Todd for a fun day.