I Think This Is Where Donald Trump Gets His Ideas

  1. Obviously his ideas for reducing the budget, "draining the swamp," solving health care and more are terrible.
  2. "Health care is so easy. So easy. We'll come up with a great plan, so easy, it'll give more benefits, for less money, and everyone will love it. It will be so easy" Then it turns out that it's not so easy.
  3. "We'll build the wall, so easy, and Mexico will pay for it and be happy about it." Then it turns out that it's not so easy.
  4. But where does he get his ideas? From things like this:
  5. So easy.
  6. So easy.
  7. Health care solved. So easy.
  8. Budget problems solved. So easy.
  9. Deficit solved. So easy.
  10. Tax reform solved. So easy.
  11. Social Security solved. So easy.
  12. International debt solved. So easy.
  13. So yeah, I was scrolling through Pinterest and this idea popped into my head. If you click any of those it's obvious that they're total bullshit. Just like "Health Care will be so easy" and all that crap. Click on his ideas and they're just obvious empty.