I Was On The List App Before Li.St Was Cool.

  1. We all are.
  2. It's still not cool.
    Not yet, anyway.
  3. We're all basically hipsters, awaiting the day when someone approaches us and starts talking about this cool new social media that's sweeping the nation.
  4. We're waiting for them to tell us that it's about lists, and then they'll grin and say "But not for groceries" like they're the first to think that one up.
  5. And then they'll say "One of the guys from The Office runs it, it is on it, or is an investor or something."
  6. And we'll whip our our phone, fire up our #1 app, show them our first list we ever wrote.
  7. And we'll say "I've been there from the beginning, BITCH!"
    You people who are still new here right now can say this, too. By then you'll have "been here from the beginning" enough to claim it.
  8. Then we'll show them The List. THE LIST! The one that we wrote where @bjnovak gave it a ❤️ and even commented how great that list was.
  9. Then we'll show them the list that @Nicholas ❤️d and commented, but they won't know who Nicholas is because they're dumb shits and haven't been here from the beginning.
    Even if it's the same list. Bite me.
  10. And we'll go to our list of followers, point and say "Look! @listbot follows ME!"
    [No picture available. It hasn't happened yet. sigh]
  11. And we'll finally know we're cool. And probably call them bitches again.
  12. But until that day comes, we'll just be a huge (but actually tiny) group of nerdy (but really cool) little geeks (awesome people).