1. I emailed li.st and haven't heard back, and it's been nearly a minute! Haha. Li.St is actually quite good about responding.
  2. I just thought I'd check to see if other people are having any issues with photos.
  3. I'm trying to make Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 100 and can't load pictures. Maybe li.st is tired of my stupid-ass lists? LOL.
  4. Please note, I'm not complaining. Just asking.
  5. Update: As per usual @list got back to me right away. It seems the trouble is on my end. I updated my phone and it seems that I can upload pictures again, but he update messed with my photo albums and I lost quite a bunch of pictures of Stuff Stuck To Cars. Damnit.
  6. Anyway, thanks @list I really appreciate your personal attention. Good on ya!