1. I have 69 total followers.
    Friday, 12.18.15, 8:30 pm.
  2. I only have 13 male followers.
  3. I have 56 female followers.
  4. I'm following 102 people.
  5. I follow 26 males.
    At least a dozen of which are celebrities, so do they even count?
  6. I follow 5 or 6 non-people, such as @TheOffice
  7. That means I follow about 60 females.
  8. I'm not going to count it up, but I'd say that with both female followers and females I follow, at least half are roughly college age.
  9. I didnt plan this. It just dawned on me.
    I swear I didn't plan this.
  10. I have made it a point to read several of someone's lists before I decide to follow them, and only then check out their picture.
  11. So...
  12. Is this ratio consistent for all of The List App, meaning are there many, many more females than males?
  13. And are a lot of those females college aged?
  14. Observation: there are a LOT of funny college aged women out there, and a lot of funny women in general.
  15. Traditionally I've liked male stand up comedians more than female stand up comedians. But this has been shifting for me lately.
  16. Are there more female stand up comedians now than there used to be, percentage wise, or am I just changing whom I enjoy listening to?
  17. Since staring this list, another college aged woman started following me.
    Welcome @m3ghanryan I know you're not still in college, but not far from it, right?