It's Secret Santa Time! It's Secret Santa Time!

  1. This was in my mailbox. It's kinda scrunched.
  2. Pretty banged up, but..,BUT!!! My name is on it!!
  3. There a rip in the box big enough to Live Long And Prosper through.
  4. No worries.
  5. Look on there! Wrapped presents and Lindor Balls!
  6. EIGHTEEN Lindor Balls!
  7. Look at all this stuff!
  8. An envelope.
  9. With a card inside. It's from @MandyKN! How great!!
    I'm not posting the inside of the card, but clearly Mandy has read some of my lists. Awesome!
  10. Brooklyn Magazine. How cool! Something from Mandy's town. I'm excited to read this.
  11. Yeah baby! That's the stuff.
  12. Oh, cool! I love pins.
  13. Three wrapped presents. Where to start?
  14. I'm starting here!
  15. What the what!!
  16. Are you even kidding me @MandyKN?! Are you?!?! Corn Plwder from momofuku milk bar!! This is so exciting!! This is freeze dried corn ground into powder. There's enough to make corn cookies, CRACK PIE or cereal milk. I am literally freaking out!
  17. Next up...
  18. Two Disney chocolate bars. Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Milk Chocolate with Spicy Cinnamon Banana Crisp. I might cry. This is awesome!
  19. The biggest for last...
  20. Clearly it's a book...
  21. Oh. My. God! Milk, a cookbook from the momofuku milk bar by Christina Tosi.
  22. Here's the recipe for Crack Pie!
  23. Here's the recipe for Cereal Milk!
  24. Here's the Corn Cookies recipe!
  25. Corn Cookies!
  26. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! A recipe for Grapefruit Passion Curd! Mandy, do you know how much I love curd! Curds, Ranked
  27. Also, I'm leaving for Hawaii in five days. I'm definitely bringing some passion fruit home to make this recipe.
  28. OH MY GOD there's even a passion fruit Curd recipe without grapefruit. I'm freaking out!! So much passion fruit will come home with me!!
  29. You have no idea how much I love cookbooks. And I've heard so many great rumors of momofuku milk bar. This is a dream come true.
  30. I can't post a picture of myself because I'm a disaster. This is wonderful. How awesome is @MandyKN? So, so awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is just incredible.
  31. Thank you @DawnCloud for putting this together. Thank you @ChrisK for putting this together last year. Who would have ever thought of something amazing like this had Chris not started it! Thank you @MandyKN for this wonderful Secret Santa gift. You're amazing!!!