1. I hit 500 followers today.
  2. A while back I posted a list about having 488 followers: What Having 488 Followers On Li.St Means To Me.
  3. All of the thoughts in that list still apply, although I've since figured out how to make Drafts, so that complaint is gone now. Drafts for lyfe!
  4. But here's one other thought. I realized recently that I was getting close to 500 followers, and started paying more attention when I got new followers.
  5. What I noticed is that now, occasionally, I lose a follower. It really makes me stop and think.
  6. I don't think I post offensive lists. Do I? Yet occasionally I'll lose one. Maybe people close their li.st account (why?!) so that could explain one or two. But in the past three months I've probably lost five followers. I wonder why.
  7. It doesn't matter why people quit following me; it's just more of a curiosity why anyone would unfollow anyone unless it's an account that you didn't at first realize is offensive.
  8. Anyway, none of that matters. I hit 500' flowers today.
  9. Cool.