Don't read too much into this. I'm not complaining or feeling put out. This is totally not a big deal; just something I've observed.
  1. When crossing a street or crosswalk in a parking lot, there's a gender inequality.
  2. This is NOT gender inequality like: women earning less money than men; men getting away with rape; voting rights; anything else. This is petty and I'm not complaining; just observing.
  3. When a pedestrian is crossing a crosswalk, especially in a parking lot, most of the time people in cars will stop and wave a woman across.
  4. But if the pedestrian is male, the car stops and waves them on well less than half the time. Personal experience (as a pedestrian) shows less than 10% of the time, but that may just be me, I'm not sure.
  5. The same thing happens for holding doors open. People (both men and women) hold doors open for women much more than for men.
  6. Maybe this is a big deal, though. Not because men aren't being treated well, but because women are being treated as weaker and more vulnerable. Women are being treated with kid gloves.
  7. Is this something that should continue?
  8. Should we still be chivalrous? Or is that chauvinistic? Is it offensive?
  9. Decades ago I made the decision to stop for anyone in a crosswalk and hold doors for anyone, regardless of gender. Mostly to simplify my life, but also just to be kind to everyone in this simple way.
  10. If I'm two steps behind a woman and someone is letting her cross the crosswalk, sometimes they'll start inching forward so as to not let me through. "Hey Dude, I only stop for chicks."
  11. If I'm two steps behind a woman and someone is holding the door for her, they'll let the door go before I get there. "Open it yourself, ya pansy."
  12. Sometimes when I hold a door for a man he'll awkwardly take the door from me rather than just walk through. "I'll hold my own door. I'm not gay."
    As if I'm questioning his manhood or heterosexuality. I'm not. I'm trying to be kind to everyone.
  13. What's your take on this, folks? Have you experienced this, too, guys?
  14. Men, how do you feel about another guy holding a door for you? Do you feel threatened?
  15. I think we should all stop for any pedestrian, hold doors for everyone, regardless of gender, simply because we need more kindness in this world. And sometimes people are having a shitty day and just need someone to smile and be nice.