1. Women's bathing suit trends come and go.
  2. Years ago when I first started coming to Hawaii it was full coverage bikinis and one pieces.
  3. One pieces are here to stay, but how far up the side of the hip the cut is, changes.
  4. For a while there thongs were popular. Like just a string-in-the-crack thongs
  5. Then the thongs got wider and covered more, then went away almost completely.
  6. Two years ago on Maui I saw exactly one thong.
  7. Last year on Kauai I don't think I saw a single thong.
  8. This year on Maui: They. Are. Back.
  9. But it's changed this time.
  10. For starters I see them on younger girls. I worked in an elementary school for several years and have now worked at a middle school for several years. I only bring this up because I think I'm a pretty good judge of how old kids are. I base it on looks, size, personality and behavior. I'm good at guessing ages of kids.
  11. This trip I see girls as young as 13 in thongs. Maybe a couple of 12 year olds. Not a lot, but a few. In years past thongs didn't show up on anyone under about 16.
  12. I'd guess that at least 30% of girls 16 and over are in thongs this trip. Not string bikini thongs, but ones that show well over 1/2 of their butt.
  13. And it's very popular to wear a thong under a t shirt that's just the right length so part of your butt shows even when you're wearing the shirt.
  14. And the moms are showing butt! Lots and lots of moms showing butt. Moms with young kids and moms with teenage kids.
  15. Sometimes the mom is in a thong and their teen age daughter isn't. Sometimes both are.
  16. I've seen some 50+ year old women in butt-showing swimwear.
  17. Size matters, sort of. Mostly the women showing a lot of butt are pretty fit, but not always. I've seen some plus size women showing a lot of butt.
  18. This woman swam under me while I was snorkeling one day. This is a swimsuit style I've seen a lot of.
  19. I also saw one dude, about 60 years old with a speedo style swimsuit that showed about half of his butt. Ew.
  20. I don't know that there's any reason for this list. It's just something that I've noticed. Maybe in a couple more years we'll be back to Boy Shorts on girls.
  21. But for now...Butts.